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Frequently asked questions

General questions

Is the security sufficient?

Together with the card associations we have developed the most secure card payment environment. Thanks to the variable PIN keyboard, which changes the position of the numbers, PIN is entered differently each time and cannot be reversed.

Who is the app suitable for?

There is no field where GP tom cannot be used. After all, it is currently used by over 200 different professions and disciplines. The application will be appreciated, for example, by freelancers or small entrepreneurs with smaller transaction volumes who need to accept payment cards occasionally or are often on the move (e.g. at festivals or markets).

How is the solution different from SumUp?

The competing SumUp solution requires an additional device that you must pair with a mobile device. You have to charge it, turn it on, and so the payment takes an infinite amount of time. With us, you download the application and have your payments immediately available on one device!

Is there a limit to the maximum transaction amount?
It's not, if necessary, your customer enters the pin code directly on the screen of your phone. Don't worry, no one can get the Pin code, we've taken care of that.

Technical questions

My phone doesn't read my card

In most cases, it is caused by placing the card in the wrong place on your phone. Phones usually have an NFC chip on the back of the phone – so try initiating a payment and then slowly slide the card along the back of the phone. On the payment screen, the card is loading so that if touched in the right place, all four icons will light up in green. Also check out our overview of the most used phones and the location of the NFC chip for reading the card.

Where can I get the app?

The app will be available to install from the Google Play Store. You need two apps - the GP tom app that you will use (downloadable here) and the GP tom PIN app, which will only be called up if you need to enter PIN on your customer card (downloadable here). Both apps must be installed!

When will we support other card products - AMEX, JCB, Diners, UnionPay?

We will gradually add more card types in 2024.

Does the solution support meal voucher cards?

We support all meal voucher cards that are issued under the Visa and Mastercard schemes. They are: Edenred, Up, Our meal voucher.

On what devices can the solution be operated?

Any Android 8.x and above device that has an NFC chip in it. The app doesn't work on an Apple device.

Does the app also support iPhones and iOS?
Unfortunately, at the moment, Apple does not offer the option to offer such an application on iOS – it does not allow access to NFC for financial payments. There are some indications that this could change by the end of 2022, but that's just our secret wish for now. 🙂

Check out the manual

In the manual you will find clear instructions on how to obtain, install or operate the application. We follow the motto "better more images (and videos) and less text", so you don't have to worry about long studying.

Create a request

Didn't find the answer in the FAQ or the manual? Then do not hesitate to make a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Likewise, if you have experienced any difficulties with the functioning of the application, we will appreciate if you let us know about it.

In-app support

Did you know that you don't have to start your computer or browser to browse the online manual or contact us? You can find everything directly in the app GP tom.