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A multi-award-winning app that turns your phone into a user-friendly terminal with a wide range of services for your business in no time.

Business in your pocket?

Do you really want an all-in-one solution? Payments, checkout, catalogue, order management and a full history of your sales? Try the Plus version!

"Global Payments with the GP tom app was the first partner to provide us with effective integration with our mobile barcode scanners and payment services. This has greatly streamlined the work of our couriers while nearly eliminating errors."

Tomas Hanzlik

Division Director, Helicar

Payment methods

Today, you will not find a solution on the market that would support multiple payment methods. From Visa, Mastercard to Apple Pay or Google Pay to cryptocurrencies.

Transaction history

Unlimited transaction history will provide you with permanent information about all your payments made. You will not lose any more transactions.

Receipt management

Send the receipt by SMS, email or scan via QR code. And if you have a printer, connect it and print the receipt.

Application settings

In the settings, you can fine-tune the application to suit you as much as possible. You also have the option to contact us directly from the application or report a problem to us.

Multiple accounts on the device

We are the only terminal solution on your mobile that allows you to use multiple accounts on one device. Payments can be sent to multiple accounts.

API - interconnection

The GP tom application can be connected to an application on the same device or to any system connected to the Internet via CloudAPI, whether it is a server, a website or an application on another device.

Remote feature control

Do you want to make only some of the features in the app available to your employees? Through remote management, we are able to set up a tailor-made application for your employees – we adapt like a chameleon. 🙂


Safety is paramount to us and it is our responsibility to ensure it for you.

Reading QR codes

Accelerate sales or deliver efficiently without additional applications.

Smart tipping

Use the most advanced tipping service on the market. It's flexible, you can set it up exactly to your needs and it guarantees you the best tipping you can get.


Protection of functions

If you need to protect some features of GP tom from being changed , there is a great tool that allows you to restrict access to features via PIN code or admin QR code.